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Ballad of Terry L. Greenwood and remembrance


Image provided my Bob  Donnan PA

Terry L. Greenwood, 66 of Daisytown, PA died following struggle with brain tumors June 8, 2014.

Please remember the Greenwood family and all those harmed.

The Ballad of Terry Greenwood
(Tune of traditional song, Long Black Veil)

Terry Greenwood was a long time farmer in 2009
His Pennsylvania land and cattle were doing fine
When a company of drillers destroyed his life:
His water was polluted and his calves began to die,

You can’t farm without water
This is everybody’s fight
You can’t live without food
It’s time to do what is right,

Honor Terry Greenwood:
Shut the drilling down
Boycott the companies
And run them out of town

You can’t farm without water
You can’t live without food
Remember Pennsylvania
And Terry Greenwood.


City of Asylum/Pittsburgh invites you to a day-long series of FREE readings, conversations and performances featuring human rights activists and exiled writers and musicians from China and Tibet

June 8, 2013 – 1:00 p.m.-10 p.m. – FREE

All events will be held at City of Asylum’s tent
1400 block of Monterey between Sampsonia Way and Jacksonia Street, Northside

To reserve seats for any or all EXILED VOICES events, please email

Breaking Footage of Delta Nigeria:

May 30 2013

News from the BBC


April 22, 2013

Crossing the bridge, 2013 A Coalition of environmental groups cross  pedestrian bridge to Washington’s Landing

See picture

We urge others to become more active.

Protestors occupy PA DEP office and demand moratorium on harmful Shale Drilling

A Word For Earth Day


Rejoice: People Rejoice. One Spirit -One Word. Beautiful renditions of Flight of the Condor. The Spirit Soars!

West Virginia Appalachia Rising

2011 /June 4 to the 11th  mark the anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain and  save this historic site. Be part of history in the making…the world is watching.


“The Appalachia Rising: March on Blair Mountain is a peaceful, unifying event involving environmental justice organizations, union workers, scholars, artists, and other citizens and groups. The march commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, when 10,000 coal miners rose against the rule of the coal operators and fought for the basic right to live and work in decent conditions.”