Constitution Day

September 17 in 1787

The Constitution was approved: the dream of patriots who sacrificed and gave all so that this desire and love for freedom could endure. Our laws protect our rights. Our laws are all derived from the Constitution. Our Constitution is derived from our God- given rights.

Those who break our laws destroy the basis of our security and prosperity. Corporate crimes, reckless pollution, and political corruption and bribery are destroying our communities and economy.

One Nation Under God, stop corruption, greed and fraud.

Stop Chemical Pollution and Destruction of Farmland

We are tracking Bills: WVHB 2980

Barbara Fleishaur, WV House of Delegates, Monongalia County.

304 340-3169


United States Congress

Larry Smar (Casey) 202-228-6367
Kristofer Eisenla (Degette)202-225-4431
Jeff Lieberson(Hinchey)202-225-6335
Lara Cottingham (Polis) 202-225-5693

Casey, House Members Introduce Companion Bills to Protect Drinking Water from Natural Gas Fracking

American Public Deserves to Know Chemicals Used Near Their Water Sources.

Washington, DC- U.S Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) joined U.S. Reps. Diana Degette (D-CO),

Contact Senator Robert P. Casey by going to United States Senate contact page to get a online form.