April 1st- No Joke!

Posted by Marilyn K Hunt  4-8-10

After two years of trespass and harassment by Chesapeake Energy and employees, how would you like to find this tanker in your yard?

Tanker crushing barn's driveway

Tanker crushing barn’s driveway

While I went to call the State Police my truck was mobbedState Road person directing the vehicle

State Road person directing the vehicles to surround my green truck

Completely surround

Hemmed in

Hemmed In

A neighbor called to report that a Chesapeake employee was on the CB radio saying they were going to “take care of” me.

Wetzel Co. Deputy Scott who has been employed by Chesapeake showed up and was very intimidating and wrote a citation.

April 2 and 3- Cessna plane buzzes my house!Cessna plane

(see helicopter doing this in 2009) Helicopter 2009

April 8- I demand a jury trial… I am not guilty of any wrongful action!

Stand Up For Clean Air and Water! Protect Private Property!