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Gas Rush


Independent filmmaker Kirsi Jansa has been compiling the stories of those impacted by the Marcellus Rush. She’s interviewed farmers and citizens of Allegheny county, and in part 3 she interviewed public health advocate Dr. Conrad Volz. She has tried to get interviews with the pro-drilling side but those contacted have so far declined any interviews.


Gas Rush Stories


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

Confront China!

 Stop selling out our industry and resources. Foreign Countries exploit The U.S. What a Fracking Shame!

 read great article about it at


The Eco Reality of China Three Gorges Dam: Monday, May 23,2011, The Wall Street Journal report by Josh Chin revealed breaking news from China. The economic shocker is that 31 financial issues have been found including bidding graft. As drought grips the region the other Eco problem of urgent ecological and social problems now are being recognized.

Monitors Are Needed at ALL FRAC SITES

Feb 26 2011

Tank was rocking, roaring, and spewing gases and liquids. This went on for hours while we called local, state and federal agencies. No one will tell us how much and what chemicals we were exposed to but people in the area reported headaches and nose bleeds.


See Video


Spewing TankChesapeake Energy, Durig site, Macedonia Ridge/ Rt. 89 Wetzel county, WV




Spewing TankVideo was taken by Ed Wade Jr.

China Crisis


China: Interesting overview of increasing military build-up and the danger to U.S. can be seen at Time and CNN joint site,9171,990106,00.html

Chesapeake Energy now deeply in debt to China is offering to sell our gas to China. Read article By Russell Gold

Chesapeake Energy and Cheniere Energy are working on the deal.

The terrible health and environmental damage to the U.S.A by FRAC DRILLING has caused a crisis. The gas development was promoted as a source of energy for U.S. homes and businesses!
We must stop this exploitation and collaboration with an enemy nation.