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Monitors Are Needed at ALL FRAC SITES

Feb 26 2011

Tank was rocking, roaring, and spewing gases and liquids. This went on for hours while we called local, state and federal agencies. No one will tell us how much and what chemicals we were exposed to but people in the area reported headaches and nose bleeds.


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Spewing TankChesapeake Energy, Durig site, Macedonia Ridge/ Rt. 89 Wetzel county, WV




Spewing TankVideo was taken by Ed Wade Jr.

China Crisis


China: Interesting overview of increasing military build-up and the danger to U.S. can be seen at Time and CNN joint site,9171,990106,00.html

Chesapeake Energy now deeply in debt to China is offering to sell our gas to China. Read article By Russell Gold

Chesapeake Energy and Cheniere Energy are working on the deal.

The terrible health and environmental damage to the U.S.A by FRAC DRILLING has caused a crisis. The gas development was promoted as a source of energy for U.S. homes and businesses!
We must stop this exploitation and collaboration with an enemy nation.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Mary Had a Little Land

By Marilyn Hunt

Mary had a little land
she farmed it every day
Drillers came to Mary’s town
And dollars gave away.

They tried to drill on Mary’s land
They bullied and they sued
But Mary found a helpful lab
Pollution soon was proved.

Arrests and trial
People asked “What verdict can you tell”
“Fines and prison.” said the Judge
And then they’ll burn in H–L!

Gas Land Showing

Gasland logo
Gasland by Josh Fox has won a number of movie awards including the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize, Sarasota International Film Festival Special Jury Prize, and Yale Environmental Film Festival Grand Jury Prize just to name three.

After he was approach by a gas company that wanted to lease his land, Josh started to film Gasland and his journey across America, to find the truth behind gas drilling.

Shown in theaters across U.S. and available on HBO Gasland will now be shown Oct 15, 4:00 to 9:00 At the New Martinsville Public Library, 160 Washington St. New Martinsville, WV.
Presented by Liberty and Justice WV

Gasland photo
Gasmasks and Banjos in Gasland

Gasland photo
Ah, nothing like a cold refreshing glass of water

National Geographic Interview: Hickory, Pa.

Contamination adversely affects Hallowich family and others.

Next Step-

Help Josh Fox help families with Water Testing to save Lives!


October 15, 2010
Tv 9 wtov coverage at showing of Gasland- Hiram Lewis, Attorney.

Press release, Wetzel County Chronicle…