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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Mary Had a Little Land

By Marilyn Hunt

Mary had a little land
she farmed it every day
Drillers came to Mary’s town
And dollars gave away.

They tried to drill on Mary’s land
They bullied and they sued
But Mary found a helpful lab
Pollution soon was proved.

Arrests and trial
People asked “What verdict can you tell”
“Fines and prison.” said the Judge
And then they’ll burn in H–L!

Gas Land Showing

Gasland logo
Gasland by Josh Fox has won a number of movie awards including the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize, Sarasota International Film Festival Special Jury Prize, and Yale Environmental Film Festival Grand Jury Prize just to name three.

After he was approach by a gas company that wanted to lease his land, Josh started to film Gasland and his journey across America, to find the truth behind gas drilling.

Shown in theaters across U.S. and available on HBO Gasland will now be shown Oct 15, 4:00 to 9:00 At the New Martinsville Public Library, 160 Washington St. New Martinsville, WV.
Presented by Liberty and Justice WV

Gasland photo
Gasmasks and Banjos in Gasland

Gasland photo
Ah, nothing like a cold refreshing glass of water

National Geographic Interview: Hickory, Pa.

Contamination adversely affects Hallowich family and others.

Next Step-

Help Josh Fox help families with Water Testing to save Lives!


October 15, 2010
Tv 9 wtov coverage at showing of Gasland- Hiram Lewis, Attorney.

Press release, Wetzel County Chronicle…

Stop Chemical Pollution and Destruction of Farmland

We are tracking Bills: WVHB 2980

Barbara Fleishaur, WV House of Delegates, Monongalia County.

304 340-3169


United States Congress

Larry Smar (Casey) 202-228-6367
Kristofer Eisenla (Degette)202-225-4431
Jeff Lieberson(Hinchey)202-225-6335
Lara Cottingham (Polis) 202-225-5693

Casey, House Members Introduce Companion Bills to Protect Drinking Water from Natural Gas Fracking

American Public Deserves to Know Chemicals Used Near Their Water Sources.

Washington, DC- U.S Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) joined U.S. Reps. Diana Degette (D-CO),

Contact Senator Robert P. Casey by going to United States Senate contact page to get a online form.

Stop FRAC Drilling

Marilyn Hunt’s speech from Canonsburg EPA Hearing

July 22, 2010

My Well is Contaminated.

We are running out of time: contamination is spreading.

Our water has been contaminated with cyanide, benzene, toluene and other deadly chemicals. We need to stop the dangerous practice called FRAC Drilling and Protect our Lives and Natural Resources.

We are running out of time.

An Economic War is being waged against the United States- Our rights are being violated by these FRAC Corporations.

In 2009, the state of WV Failed to test drinking water. We began a volunteer program testing for volatile organic contaminants. The results are shocking and frightening. Corporations have been allowed to poison water and contaminate land. The secondary drilling waste has been spread on public roads and into major rivers.

The   highways and roads leading to these FRAC sites have been damaged and destroyed. Crimes of prostitution and drug distribution accompany these projects.

Workers are dying. Site are unregulated. Chemicals and silica are causing cancer, tuberculosis and silicosis. We are running out of time. To live we must have clean water to drink and air to breath.

Canonsburg is the historic site of Nuclear Contamination- let us make this meeting an historic victory for Human Rights.


Video clip of speech here

More speeches posted on you tube at

EPA 1 EPA 2 EPA 3 EPA 4 EPA 5 EPA 6 EPA 7 EPA 8 EPA 9 EPA 10 EPA 11 EPA 12 EPA 13 EPA 14 EPA 15 EPA 16 EPA 17 EPA 18 EPA 19

Texas Size Disaster!

Mayor Tillman Speaks Out on National Tour

Posted by Marilyn K Hunt  

April 18 Midway Pa.

Contamination of drilling area in DISH Texas= elevated levels of toxic chemicals in blood and urine of residents.

Can you help? Be informed and protect the health and safety of your family and community.

Mayor Calvin Tillman’s Speech in Midway Pa. on youtube

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
Part 5 –
Part 6 –
Tim Ruggiero Speech in Midway Pa on youtube
Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
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Part 6 –
Questions & Answers in Midway, Pa.
Part 1 –
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Mayor TillmanMayor Tillman, Marilyn Hunt, and Stephanie Hallowich

Tim RuggieroTim Ruggerio and Marilyn Hunt

List of links from talk

April 1st- No Joke!

Posted by Marilyn K Hunt  4-8-10

After two years of trespass and harassment by Chesapeake Energy and employees, how would you like to find this tanker in your yard?

Tanker crushing barn's driveway

Tanker crushing barn’s driveway

While I went to call the State Police my truck was mobbedState Road person directing the vehicle

State Road person directing the vehicles to surround my green truck

Completely surround

Hemmed in

Hemmed In

A neighbor called to report that a Chesapeake employee was on the CB radio saying they were going to “take care of” me.

Wetzel Co. Deputy Scott who has been employed by Chesapeake showed up and was very intimidating and wrote a citation.

April 2 and 3- Cessna plane buzzes my house!Cessna plane

(see helicopter doing this in 2009) Helicopter 2009

April 8- I demand a jury trial… I am not guilty of any wrongful action!

Stand Up For Clean Air and Water! Protect Private Property!

Water Pollution Control Act

Posted by S.R. Hunt  1-14-10

January the 13 2010 the bill H.B. 4001 was introduced by delegates Fleischauer, Manypenny, Marshall, Mahan, Doyle, Martin, Beach, Shook, Lawrence, Longstreth, and Hatfield.

Bill 4001 looks promising with such amendments as disclosure of and limitation of chemicals used in fracturing as well as requirements for water discharge plans covering the treatment, location, and schedule for the discharge of fracturing fluid.

To read bill go to  H.B. 4001 at the WV legislature